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Who is Speak Out Events?

Speak out events was born from when Ilene and Tiffany joined forces to fill a need they saw in todays digital arena. With more and more people moving to digital content as a way of expanding their businesses- it has become increasingly difficult for new ventures to gain the exposure they need to grow their visibility in the marketplace. We often find that the task of “going digital” can be overwhelming and confronting and can quickly become very expensive if you are not able to deal with these challenges yourself. With Ilene’s technical expertise and Tiffany’s ability to take you to where you are wanting to go - we are here to do the hard work, guide and support you as you step into this future version of yourself. We offer a range of affordable and practical products and experiences that will leave you digitally ready, visible, confident and free to get on with the work that you love.

Tiffany Cameron

Tiffany is a Life Coach, A Master NLP Practitioner and is certified in Yoga Psychology. She has been operating her own businesses since the age of 21 and is passionate about helping people evolve and become all that they can be in this life. She specialises in bringing mindful awareness to the many elements that we can miss seeing in ourselves and assists others to break out of self defeating and limiting behaviours.

Ilene Klang

Ilene is a Tech Consultant, former Network Engineer, and has MCSE and Lean Six Sigma certifications. She has worked in the corporate world in IT and Tech Support for over 30 years helping everyone from small business owners to Fortune 100 VP’s get their tech working. She loves helping coaches create systems and automations that help them grow their business and make it feel easy all at the same time.

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