New Year, New You

Speak Out With Confidence

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Recordings for the 24 speakers from our January 2023 event
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Wendy Chong

Abundance by Design

Meta-Abundance PL

Aunjane Johnson

New Year New Wallet: 2023 Money Mindset Makeover

Adam Bennett

Sitting with Change

Change Activated

Ema Muir

Being the Leader of Your Life

Heidi Goodman

From Stressed to a More Peaceful Way of Living

Kath Grimmitt

Build Your Brand Your Way: An Intuitive & Holistic Brand Building Experience 

Temima Gass

Don't Build a Website Just Yet!

Uncommon Strategy

Troy Vidovich

The Power Behind Trapped Emotions

Mary B.


I love this so much!!! I'm watching you on replay. I'm resonating with your message. I love your energy. I'm so blessed that I'm able to have been able to watch you on replay. Your beautiful woman with a bright light. Thank you

Sumit Singh

Relationship Between Mindset and Goals

branding by sumit 

Nat Birch

The Sexy Love Triangle of Branding Brilliance

Brand Shakers

Alex Ramer

Leading With the Energy of Love!

Jessica Louise Beal

Manifesting in Today's World

Three Sisters Light Body Energy Work

Annie B.


Makes total sense to my DNA, and love the way you are sharing this information your way.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿงก

Dane Dormio

How To Achieve Flow States At Will

Sadie Evans

The Mindset Reset 

Brooke Kekos

Magnetic Mindset - How to Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind 

Amy Jones

IGNITE Your Business In 3 Steps!

  • January 2023 Speakers
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    Replay of all 24 speakers with some bonuses

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Kristin Dronchi

You have a Message and it Matters - 3 Attributes of a God-Given Message

Raya Karel

A Better U Despite The Busyness

Debbie - Jane Harris

Live A Courageous Soul-led Life And Be All That You Came Here To Be

Wisdom + Womanhood

Sandy Louden

How to Harvest Your Online Potential

Sandy L.


Watching the replay this morning, thank you so much, you are all amazing, I am so grateful for being asked, for being part of this, for everything!! Love you guys xx ๐Ÿ’•

Ania Galej

Get Booked Out

Jamie Gardener

The $50k Per Month Formula For Acquiring High Ticket Coaching Clients Without Complex Funnels Setup or High Pressure Sales Calls

Megan Cootes

How to Set Up Your Small Business Systems For Success 

Stephanie Mojica

Captivate Them: How to Write Newsletters and Blog Posts That Cause Your Ideal Clients to Want More

Get Their Attention Now

Geneen P.


Awesome job well done ๐Ÿ’•

  • January 2023 Speakers
  • $27 USD

    Replay of all 24 speakers with some bonuses

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